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Apr 16

Netflix Details Documentary on Grateful Dead Founder Bob Weir Netflix has scooped up a new documentary on Grateful Dead co-founder Bob Weir, The Other One: The Long Strange Trip of Bob Weir, which will premiere on the streaming service on Friday, May 22nd, Variety reports. Directed by Mike Fleiss — a producer for The Bachelor and numerous other shows, as well as the...

Laatste update: 16/04/2015, 12:01:00, Bron: Rolling Stone

Apr 16

Hear Slayer's Eerie New Crusher 'When the Stillness Comes' Slayer guitarist Kerry King was in an unusually bad mood when he wrote the band's crushing new single, "When the Stillness Comes." "We were touring Europe and we had a three-hour ride in some fucking minivan, and I'm just miserable in the backseat, not into anything," he says of the...

Laatste update: 16/04/2015, 11:59:00, Bron: Rolling Stone

Apr 16

Kanye West: 'I Don't Care About Having a Legacy' Kanye West dismissed his legacy and embraced selflessness and giving back to the world in a wide-ranging interview with Time as part of the magazine's annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world. "I don't care about having a legacy, I don't care about being remembered," West said. "The most important...

Laatste update: 16/04/2015, 11:06:00, Bron: Rolling Stone

Apr 16

Christina Aguilera to Ride 'Shotgun' With Rascal Flatts on ACM Awards Christina Aguilera has gone from dipping her toes in country music to diving right in. The singer's appearance at this Sunday's Academy of Country Music Awards comes just days after her guest-starring debut on ABC's Nashville, on which she is playing a pop superstar who wants to do what she'd...

Laatste update: 16/04/2015, 11:05:00, Bron: Rolling Stone

Apr 16

Tori Amos on the Battles Behind Her Breakthrough Albums Not long ago, Tori Amos did something she rarely does: She listened to a couple of her own albums. "I hadn't done that for a long time," she says. "Oh, gosh. I can't even count the years. I'm the type of person that's very present when I'm doing something, but when...

Laatste update: 16/04/2015, 10:47:00, Bron: Rolling Stone

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